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Pure Water...

From the Air!

-Sustainable source of pure and 

fresh tasting drinking water

-99.9% pure and refreshing water

-No more bottles to fill or carry

-Great tasting endless source

Why dewpointe


The dewpointe® is a remarkably simple, yet highly effective appliance that creates pure drinking water out of the abundant supply of water vapor in the atmosphere. It uses the most advanced technology on the market to create pure drinking water that is healthy, clean and tastes great. The dewpointe®’s microcomputer analyzes temperature and humidity and supervises system functions so that maintenance and operations are easy and efficient.


“With water even scarcer, more polluted, and more expensive, Dewpointe® achieves the alchemy-like feat of turning air into ‘blue gold…’ Impossible? Think again.”


-The Huffington Post

“As aquatic pollution and water shortage issues continue to plague America and many other nations around the world, inventive concepts such as [Dewpointe®] may be soon invaluable to the welfare of many."


- Article by Green Energy News

 About Us

Atmospheric Water Systems, Inc. is a California S Corporation. It was incorporated in June of 2008. The company’s corporate office is located at 1241 Johnson Ave Suite 350 San Luis Obispo,CA 93401 Corporate Phone:  1-805-844-5713

The AWS product lines of atmospheric water generating (AWG) systems are capable of extracting (harvesting) from the air from 5 gallons up to 2,000 gallons of drinking water every single day.

Our Technology

Our dedication to high-quality, great tasting water is accomplished by a unique multi-stage filtration and water purification system.

Our Products

[caption id="attachment_9" align="alignnone" width="300"]"Pure Water...From the Air!"-"The ability to filter water directly from air could make [Dewpoint] technology a game changer in situations where water is scarce!"[/caption]redwood forest HIGH RES_jpgwellpump